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Volunteer Work

Partnering with non-profit organizations and volunteering my time and skillset is one of my favorite things about being a pet photographer. I offer free photos of adoptable animals being fostered through rescue organizations or shelters to enhance their online presence and get more eyes on each of them. I also work with Helping Paws, Inc., a local non-profit organization that raises and trains service, assistance, and facility dogs to further people's independence and quality of life.

Please reach out if you need some photography for your pet- or animal-related non-profit and we can chat!

Foster Photography

Adoptable animals searching for their forever homes can be a little nervous and scared. Their histories are often unknown, but they're looking for a second chance. As a photographer focused on capturing the personalities of our beloved pets, it's an honor to bring out their unique personalities and capture these adoptable pets looking their best! There's incredible power in good photography - it can truly turn an animal's life around!

I have partnered with a variety of rescue organizations across the Twin Cities, MN metro area since 2021 to help foster animals find their forever homes (see the list below).


You can read more about a free foster photo event from March 2024 on my blog.

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Helping Paws, Inc.

Dogs are really incredible, aren't they? I especially love seeing dogs at work, doing the job they were bred for, trained their whole puppyhood for, and destined for. Helping Paws is a local non-profit with the mission of furthering people's independence and quality of life through the use of assistance dogs. They raise these dogs from birth to adulthood with the goal of each dog fulfilling their destiny... helping someone who needs them.

I began volunteering my time and photography skills in January 2024. I am excited to continue learning more about this incredible organization that makes a difference in so many lives in our community and beyond!

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